eastport maintenance divisions


Encumbered by those maintenance items that you don’t have the time or resources to address? Light bulbs out? Need painting projects completed? Minor construction? Let Eastport Maintenance Services take care of everything so you don’t have to.

General Repair and Maintenance

General maintenance and repair can include a range of items from light bulb replacement to minor plumbing and HVAC repairs.  Weekly maintenance technicians taking care of small to large projects such as these can be extra handy for building owners and tenants.


Several painting projects waiting to be completed?  Not our clients.  Eastport's technicians are always on the look out for building care and will finish up painting jobs quickly and efficiently.


Snow Removal

Proper snow removal and preventative action is one of the most important areas of building ownership and property management.  Make sure your walkways are always ice free this winter when Eastport is on top of extra snow removal care!


Eastport’s roving Maintenance Services Division consists of experienced individuals with an understanding of general maintenance practices, maintenance and repairs of commercial buildings and customer service principles.  Read below for a list of services we offer.


In New England there is always yard work to be done with the changing of seasons and temperatures.  Whether it's pulling overgrown weeds or trimming back branches and vines, let Eastport be a second pair of eyes for your property so that it will always look its best for tenants and customers.



Visit our gallery page for construction work visuals executed by Eastport technicians.  Eastport technicians have done projects such as carpet and hardwood floor installation, demolition, wall repair and build, deck building and carpentry, tile installation, and more!


Eastport Maintenance Services is fully operated as a division of Eastport Real Estate Services.  Managed by one of Eastport's Portfolio Manager's, Debra Marazzo, each client is taken care of with the highest level of service.